Tree of Life Drop Earrings 18mm

Tree of Life Earrings with a beautifully illustrated tree and celtic border.The Tree of Life is represented in most Religious texts and can symbolize life, immortality, enlightenment or wisdom

Our Earrings Are:

• Stainless steel will never tarnish
• The finish is stainless steel and will never wear off
• 18 mm or .75 of an inch in diameter
• sterling silver or stainless steel ear wires
• all of our jewelry is 100% waterproof
• graphic treated with resin and covered with a crystal clear glass cabochon
Boxed and ready for gifting

Feminist. Political. Fun. Relevant. Made by Women.

Ready to make a statement?

Buttons For The People is the way to go!

Here at Buttons For The People, our earrings are next to none and are produced in a safe, professional environment, our quality sets the standard for other products on the market.